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risk management via medisave

Risk Management Planning Via Medisave

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For Singaporeans, during our working years, there are 2 main pools of funds that we can tap into to help manage our financial planning – Cash & CPF. Other than for housing and retirement purposes, the CPF can also allow for some specific forms of insurance planning via the Medisave Account. However given the complexity of the products involved, many of us tend to be confused or less informed on the usage of these solutions. Some of us also lack information on how to secure the best terms possible for these important plans, which sometimes depends on our different lifestyles and family needs.


  1. A comprehensive run through of all medisave plans, their usage and limitation.
  2. What are the key areas to look out for in order to secure the best solution for yourself and your family insurance plans but ended up only able to claim from one?

*Terms and conditions apply.

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1 review for Risk Management Planning Via Medisave

  1. 5 out of 5


    The overall quality of the talk was great. The employees were very involved and were responsive to the questions that the speaker had asked. The employees also took the initiative to clarify and ask questions without much prompt. The lunch-time talk was both insightful and thought-provoking. The Speaker is an eloquent speaker who is able to hold the audience attention and be involved in the topic.

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