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EZ Fitness for BZ Executives

EZ Fitness for BZ executives

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1. We conduct 1-hour lunch time (or breakfast, tea time or any convenient time) talk in your office.

2. Min 30 attendees for free trial. Have less than 30 attendees? Call us or chat with us now.


In a corporate world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems like a tall order, despite the call for work/life balance from various parties. After all, who has time to exercise 5 to 7 days a week for one to two hours on top of the massive workload? We understand this predicament and we created this talk to educate the workers that keeping a healthy and fit body is not as daunting nor time-consuming as it looks. How does 3 times a week for 25mins each sound?

Want to work out but don’t have time? Not sure what is good for you? Want to design your own workout? Want to learn trade secrets to help you lose those extra pounds? Ifyes this talk is for YOU!!!!


  • Learn about different exercises (i.e. pilates, yoga, running)
  • Their pros and cons, and what they actually do for you
  • Discover about different components of a good exercise program and how todesign your own
  • What exercises are best for increased metabolic rate, weight loss and other goals?
  • Popular myths are debunked and trade secrets are revealed

*Terms and conditions apply.

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